Friday, July 24, 2009

I'd rather NOT be at blogher...

That may be a lie. But I'm not gonna tell. And I may have or may not have any idea what the parties sound like when I listen in on blog talk radio. And it may or may not make me a little green. And if I were, it would certainly be silly, as I have not been blogging for more than a minute or two and I am a virtual ant on the internet.

(An aside, for those of you who have NO idea what blogher is a big...really big...conference of bloggers happening in Chicago this weekend. The bloggers will learn a lot about this blogging thing, and be able to socialize - and win swag - even more.)

I do, however, know this: there is a remedy for my insane, I mean *possible*, jealously. It is blogher@home. So, instead of reading the countless #blogher09 tweets, I will be finding new blogs (hopefully some with lots of crafty goodness) and chatting with like-minded internet-addicted folks.

And as a reward to the few of you that follow or read, I plan on linking to some of the super awesome stuff I find while blog trippin'. Let's do this BHAH!

PS...I have written a few posts, but not as many as I would like. But, please check out for a guest post I did about taking a nasty undershirt from your husband and turning it into a cute dress for you daughter. It will be up June 28th.

PPS...The other blog that has been taking my time lately is The Pink Purpose. This is my blog for all things related to the breast cancer 3 day walk. It has some really powerful interviews from those touched by cancer. And, yes, I plan on walking the 60 miles (or as many has my broke-down body will let me) this October.

PPSS...Wow, this is really annoying. Sorry 'bout that...but I am planning on doing a header. One day. Sorry for the lack of eye candy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'd rather teach my daughter her ABC's

Actually, my daughter knows her ABC's pretty well. She can spell her name, make most of the letter sounds, and name most letters. But, she has a problem with lower case's like a foreign language right now. Plus, she says some sounds wrong -- R's and L's make W sounds. So, in looking at this cute paper I have that would never be put to use (I have had it forever and never did anything with it) I came up with a quick game to help her learn and have simple fun.

I just cut up the paper with a circle dye cut, then drew the alphabet -- all lower case, then all uppercase letters. After playing a few rounds of memory, we decided it was smart to write which letters were upper and which were lower, along with a line to use as reference. If you play memory with them, break up the cards into smaller sets first, and as your child gets better, add more cards. Ask how they look different. Ask what sound they make.

I plan on putting them in a leftover gift bag as storage. And I think I'll come up with a bunch of uses for them. Pulling on at the beginning of the day to have a "T" day. Pulling one out of the bag and having her go get me an object that begins with that letter. I'm sure they'll be well used.