Monday, December 28, 2009

I'd rather be on the wagon

I am not eating well.
I am not working out.
I am avoiding you.

Could you tell?

My friend has this great saying.  It must be a Baltimore thing (hon) because I had never heard it before and because it is awesome.  It goes:

Sometimes you need tea and sympathy, sometimes you need a tool kit and a rope.  (Or is it a rope and a hammer?  Or a hammer and a tool kit?)  Any way, you get the point.  I love it, and it is so true.

Sometimes I need a shoulder to lean on.  To be able to complain to.  A person to tell me they understand.

I have that - in all of you.  Those of you who read or comment.  Those of you who cheer me on.  And because you do support me so well, I feel like I am letting you down. 

I am fortunate that I haven't gained too many pounds back - but I have gained.  And boy, does that suck.  It makes me wonder - how many times are you going to give up, "take a break", or be utterly apathetic.

Sometimes I need someone to hand me the hammer.  Cause I have the nails.  A whole bunch of em, really. And these leg warmers aren't going to get back on by me just sitting here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'd rather be following along, week 6

Will I get to wear the leg warmers this round, or not? 

Remember - as soon as I hit 189 I was going to get leg warmers.  You know the 80's = leg warmers.  

Lets see if I'm getting closer:

My eating....
I've done pretty well recently.  We went out to eat - and I choose some good options instead of a carb overload.  I've gotten used to drinking non-fat latte's - and they make me happy.

My working out...
Was fantastic.  I can't say enough great things about taking an actual yoga class in a studio with a great instruction.  Other than the yoga, I still kicked butt.  I've been doing a lot of EA More - which pushes me, but is still really fun.  And I've been doing Jillian Michael's shred.  I hate her.  I really do.  Between all those different activities, I've been able to keep my interest up - which has lead to doing it almost every day.  

My emotions...
After having some time off, I had to force myself back into the swing of things.  I complained a bit.  I didn't want to get back to it - but reading the posts of the other mom's, and seeing their successes, made me want that too.  So I am back at it now.  And not only am I back, but I'm enjoying myself.  It is still hard to make the right choices, but they are coming more naturally again.

My weight.....Drumroll.....
189!!!  Boo-ya!

(Sorry, I was too lazy to rotate the pic.)

The leg warmers are mine.  They are quite cozy.  But I think I need to go and get a pair of skinny jeans to wear with them. ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

I'd rather be following along, week 5 (where did week 4 go?)

Sooooooo....It's been a while, huh?

Sorry about that.  Life gets in the way sometimes, huh?  Well, at least mine does.  Frequently.  Does yours?

I always mean to have good intentions.  I always mean to eat well.  I always want to be motivated.  I always want to work out.  Well, maybe not work out, but, you get the point.  Even when I'm not motivated - I want to be motivated, and then I try to will myself to be motivated.

But sometimes I let dumb things get in the way.
I trip over some drama.
Or a stupid scandal.
I eat too much turkey.
I let a whole bunch of nothing impede my progress.

Sometimes, I realize I'm letting the important things slide by too.   Like spending time with my kids.  Making my house less like a chaotic freak show and more like a manageable science experiment.  Taking care of my family and helping them through the rough patches.

And, all of that is tiring.

So, that's what happened in week 4 - and most of week 5.

I know some of you were concerned that I fell off the planet.  I didn't.  I just had a nice heaping pile of lame and worthy excuses that had to be addressed.

I didn't want to come back.  You might have caught that on twitter.  I wasn't feeling it.  Having a slump.

But I did the good old, "fake it til you make it" tried and true exercise.  I started working out again.  I did the yoga.  The the EA Active More and Wii Fit Plus games.  I even met the Shred.  (Which, can I add - I hate Jillian Michaels.  In a, "why do I have to do another push up?" kind of way.  And I hate the fact that I can't do a jumping jack with out being reminded that I had 2 kids.  Ugh.)

So I kept at that and I'm pretty sure it carried me through.  I'm back again.  I'm tracking what I eat and I'm working out.  And, most importantly, I'm feeling it.  I want to be back at this.  I AM back at this.

Kicking butt, taking names, and being awesome.

And, by some miracle of the turkey-loving gods, I have made it out of these two weeks at 192 lbs, only a one pound gain.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'd rather be following along, Week 3

Be forewarned that this is a lengthily post.  But, you may want to stick it out, for the props I give you at the end. ;)

Emotions:  My kids were sick all week.  Swine flu sick.  Fevers, rashes, vomiting - it was lovely.  So, I was pretty run down, stressed, and in dire need of free time!  Needless to say, I didn't get any.  Instead, I got a queasy stomach - that didn't seem to settle, unless I was nibbling on some kind of cracker/pretzel/toast, etc.  I was exhausted, and found it very hard to be motivated to do anything after I had fulfilled the request of every one else.

Diet:  I'm not going to post my meals here, but I did keep track with my ww online tools.  I did pretty well with the diet, considering my propensity to head straight to carry out when times get tough.  We managed to eat at home for all but one of our week night dinners.  I stayed within my points for the week, and I didn't eat one of the tubs of ice cream in my fridge.  (Yes, I said "one of" because there are several - that's a whole other story.)  I did have a couple sodas, but again, these seemed to settle the tummy.  (No, I'm not preggers.)

Exercise:  Unfortunately I didn't get to my yoga class.  (This studio rocks btw, because they called me to see if everything was okay!)  I did do a few of my EA Active workouts, but not enough.  My gruve was rather mad at me too, as I didn't have my normal activity of taking everyone everywhere and running errands.  Instead, I was stuck on a couch, next to a sick-o the whole week.  So, yeah, my body is rather bored.

Summary:  It all came out well, in the end.  I was 193.5 last week, and this morning, I was 191!  Down 2.5 pounds this week, and 9 in the last 3 weeks! Only a little over a pound to lose, and I will wear those leg warmers for y'all!  Guess I need to do some shopping this week!

One more thing.  It occurs to me that I may have been withholding from you all.  Or, at least, it feels that way. I never really wrote down my whole life's weight story.  And it really is just too much to go into right now - for you all to read, and for me to put so much emotion into.  (There would be tears, lots of tears.) BUT, I should let you know, that I have been actively trying to lose this weight (the weight that I have had on my frame since being at my heaviest) for quite a while.  Actually, since November 2007.  On that day - the first day I went back to weight watchers - I weighed 220.6 pounds. 

That is insane.  Insane that I'm writing it down, and insane that it ever got that bad.  I don't ever remember being that size, but it was recorded, so it must be true.  It has been a long haul - with lots of ups and downs, too many different routines and diets to count.  But, I look at my graph, and the overall slope of it is down.  I have lost almost 30 pounds in the last 2 years.

I think I needed to get that out so that you knew that this is hard for me.  Really freaking hard.  I am stunned that it is coming off at this rate right now.  But, more than stunned, I'm thankful.  I wanted to tell you my heaviest weight, so I could tell you ladies how thankful I am. 

To you ladies that come and post...
That read my tweets...
That give me gentle pushes
That give me tons of encouragement...
That sincerely care about me...
To you ladies that keep it real -

I am overwhelmingly and forever grateful for your support.  I have never been more determined to do this in my life as I am right now.  And that is thanks to you.  As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I will remember you, and be thankful for YOU.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'd rather be following along, week 2

Alright, this has to be a quick one.  Well, quicker than what I want it to be.  (I want to have a bitch-fest...but...)  I have a little girl with a fever here, and another that went through the traumatic experience of having 3 people hold her down to draw blood today.  So, needless to say, they require a bit of my attention.

Here is the rundown.

Eating:  Very good for the most part.  Lots of veggies/fruits, good portions.  The last of the reese's were eaten, though...thank goodness they are out of the house now!  The big problem was from Friday night until Saturday midday.  We had friends over, and consequently, had high calorie food and drink.  (sugary alcohol drinks, and pizza, and chips...bad Mandy.)  Then Saturday, was our church's annual holiday dinner and bazaar fundraiser.  We almost always go - and get all those yummy oysters, turkey, mashed potatoes, etc.  Got back on later that night, but the damage was done.

Exercise:  I fell down on the job here.  I did do a couple EA Active workouts.  And took the dog for a walk.  I did another great yoga class.  And I did, somehow, manage to get my #gruve to green every day.  But, I definitely could have done a lot more.  A whole lot more.

Emotions:  I had a "monthly" visitor this week.  (Sorry guys.)  So that always makes me gain a little and get ridiculously ravenous.  I find it hard to control myself.  But, for the most part, I did.  It definitely helped to see the other mamavation mom's tweeting out what they were up to.  You all always remind me that we are in it together - and I don't want to let you down!

On to the scale.  It sucks - the scale, that is.  Really.  I can never tell which weight is accurate.  Step on 3 different times, it will show 3 different numbers.  This time, I got it down to two numbers - either 192, or 194.  I'm going to err on the side of caution and say this week's weigh in was 193.5  So, that is down 1.5 for the week.  I will take that - I'm happy with it.  Not ecstatic, but happy.  It is just enough that I don't want to give up, and just under what I want, so that it pushes me forward.
(oh, and it is - apparently - really hard to take a pic with my crappy cell & get a half way decent picture. Sorry.)

There you have it.  Down 6.5 pounds so far.  Firmly in one-der-land.  (I am giddy about this, and can't wait to be in the 80's again.  I might wear leg warmers on that day)

See you next week!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'd rather be following along, week 1!

As far as being healthy goes, this was a great week. No, it was a freaking fantastic week!

I'll tell you why:

1. I ate well. Here is my food diary, in a nut shell:
Monday: cereal
portbella spinach past (healthy choice, and soooo good.)
chips and salsa (an actual measured serving size)
flank steak, small serving of pasta, and lot's o' spinach.
Tuesday: cereal, apple
Portabella marsala pasta
(another yummy healthy choice meal)
flank steak, and a nice big blob of veggies
Wednesday: This day was a little rocky, as I skipped breakfast.
Sun dried tomato pesto chicken pasta
cucumbers, string cheese, light popcorn
Pizza - but a controlled serving size.
Thursday: cereal
Yeah, another microwave meal & an apple
caramel macchiato. Yup, I said it.
Beef pin wheel (w/ cheese, peppers & spinach inside)
broccoli and a few potato wedges.
Friday: More cereal
mini pizza's (microwaved) topped with veggies
Off to a movie, so I grabbed 3/4 of a chick-fil-a sandwich.
I did not have soda at the movie, but I did
succumb to the popcorn.
(a small box that I did not even come close to finishing)
Saturday: I know, I need variety....cereal.
Apparently, for lunch, I decided to skip a meal and
polish off the popcorn instead. oops.
I made (and tweeted) a cute little mummy made of
pizza dough, ham & cheese
Sunday: Big breakfast out with bacon, eggs, & english muffin
(coffee w/ 2 sugars, 2 pats butter, & 1 tsp jelly)
2 Reese's peanut butter cups. No lunch.
Fish, asparagus, rice for dinner

So, while it was not perfect, I didn't go out to eat all the Friday to Sunday meals (as I could easily, and often do.) I ate much less than I normally would. I made dinner. Often.

2. I exercised! I did my first long yoga class. It was fantastic! I was complaining about the pain for days later. Who knew yoga could kick your butt so hard? I also started a new EA Active 30 day workout. Those are always great - but I pushed myself to do the running (which I normally opt out of) and I did pretty well. *pat on the back* Oh, one last thing - I wore my Gruve all week, and got to green every day! (That just means, I reached my goal of burning calories and sat on my butt less.)

3. My kids were all in it with me! They took yoga classes too, and loved it. They drank water and ate more veggies and fruits. And we were burning up with wii:

4. I won some Earth footwear shoes! Not just one, actually, but three pairs! WOOT! That 3 degree angle will really help me feel the burn - can't wait for them to arrive!

5. I lost weight ~ awwwwww, yeah!

That would be, my stinky feet, on a scale that says 195! (Down 5 pounds!)

I'm so excited and so happy! I told ya'll I was going to rock it. ;)
See you next week!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'd rather be following along, starting point!

Alright. It's time to put my money where my mouth is. I told you all that I didn't win Mamavation, so instead, I'm doing the Mamavation Follow Along program. I did the program the last time around, and while I didn't lose too much weight, it helped me gain a better vibe about this whole weight loss thing.

The program is pretty straight forward and very easy to customize to your liking. All I (or you, if you want to join in) have to do, is make a weekly blog post telling everyone what you have been eating, how you have been exercising, and how you are feeling. Then you link it up to Bookieboo (a fitness community for moms) to let the other moms know what you have been up to. What I feel is the best part of this campaign is the huge amount of support you can recieve from the other moms. I love commenting on other mamavation moms' posts, tweeting to them about their day, and just "being there" to offer a shoulder to lean on. And they in turn do the same for me. I have already made a bunch of friends that are pushing me and encouraging me to keep it up. I'm so excited to kick some major arse this time around!

Now, here comes the hard part. Last round, I was able to post the dreaded "here-are-my-nasty-feet-on-a-scale-with-an-even-nastier-measurement" picture directly in the safety of Bookieboo. Where no one would see it unless they either knew it was there or were a fellow mamavation mom. But now, I have to post it on my blog. For all of you. That kinda sucks, as the reveal of that *exact* number is enourmously frightening and pretty horrifying. Not that you can't tell just by looking at me that I need to lose weight. But this is finite. It is a direct measurement to compare and contrast with. And, if you are anything like me, you will compare and contrast it to your own or others. That will probably not bode well for me. I can imagine a chorus of "oooooh, I didn't realize it was that bad" going off through out my circle of readers.

In light of this scary fact, I have decided to take my number back. To make it so that it stings a little less to show it to you. I own this number. It is my number. So yeah, I weigh 200. (And that is my early morning, butt naked, weight.) When I'm at the doctor, they have to push that freaking little arrow up to the next 50 pound notch. I shop (insert evil music here) in the "woman's" section. There are lots of things not healthy about me. Here is the picture to prove it.

But it's my number. And my weight. And my body. It has got me through a lot in these past 31 years. It had two babies. It walked 120 miles in 6 days. It carries me to all the places I need to go, and keeps me keeping on. Yeah, I weight 200 pounds.

200 (painful, lovely, annoying, honest, determined) pounds.

But soon, it will be less.

This week I am eating healthy (weight watchers style.) I am being active (EA Active.) I am moving more and sitting less (Gruve, baby!) And I am mamavating.

I plan to lose some of those 200 pounds. But gain a whole lot more of awesomeness along the way.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd rather Make Monday More

There is always drama out there, but recently it feels like it's getting out of control.

Mommy drama
Swag fights
Balloon Boy

Ugh. Enough already.

My Monday's tend to suck already, I really don't need to add any fuel to the fire.

So, I'm doing something that will help. I'm going to Make Monday More. It's my quest - and I hope some of you will join in - to make Monday's better by doing something to make someone or something better.

Last Monday, I didn't do much. I'm hoping you'll forgive me, because I was mending from doing somthing huge the day before - walking 60 miles, and raising $2,400+ for breast cancer.

The Monday before that, I commented on a wonderful woman's blog - she doesn't get many comments, and she needed some support.

This monday, I put out a call to twitter, and asked my tweeps how I could help. I already voted for a blog in a "best blog" contest. (Oh, and I got a few more requests - I just donated to another person's fundraising and gave a #mamavation vote!)

This is my point - I'm making Monday better. Every Monday, I pledge to make someone smile, I plan to leave a comment, let someone go in front of me in line, I plan to donate. I plan to send out some positive energy. Not because I want something back for it. Not to get credit.

Just because, I can. Just because I'm kinda sick of Monday sucking. I'm Making Monday More.

**If you want to see what I did every monday, I'll be tweeting it from @amndaj with the hashtag, #makemondaymore - please feel free to do the same!**

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'd rather I won.

Today is a hard day. Not the worst, mind you. I know it could be a whole hell of a lot worse.

But, none the less, it hurts.

I did not get chosen to be mamavated. I didn't even reach the top 5.

It was hard to apply - as I imagine it was for all the applicants. It was an extremely hard thing to write about my weight and to put my vlog out there - into the world for all to see. I tried to do it during the first Mamavtion campaign, and couldn't even get the vlog done because I was so worried about who would see it. But I did it this time. I made a vlog. I wrote the words. I told you all that, yes, I am overweight, and yes, it sucks.

I knew the chances of me getting to be the winner were slim. I mean, not only did I need to be willing to work hard (and I mean, hard) but I needed to show commitment, and I had to get people to vote. So I basically had to find you all, tell you I was fat, then tell you to help me fix it. And get more of you to do it than others. (Again, I repeat, not easy.) Oh, and also compete with other ladies who probably needed it as much as I did.

I had my guard up. I couldn't tell you everything - about every last moment that I have had in my past 15 years that got me to this point. That would be too hard. And it would take far too long. No, that would only happen if there was a good chance that I could take the title home. Become THE Mamavation Mom.

But then I started hoping. And dreaming. And letting my head feel how much my heart wanted it. And I said it out loud. And I let my guard down. I even answered questions - and asked some of my own. And I felt good about doing this. I told my husband that I really wanted this and that it would change - everything. The man even went out and got a twitter account just to support me, for heaven's sake.

Then I waited. For what seemed like an eternity - but really, it was only less than 2 days.

It was announced.

I did not win. I did not make it to the finalists. Close, but, no cigar.

And then it started. The tears. And they just kept coming. And coming. And I tried to twitter, and I tried to dm, and I tried to distract or put on a happy face. But the tears kept coming.
Seriously, it was ridiculous.

I hate when I cry - and my freakin' eyes do it way too often, little twerps. It wasn't any diferent this morning. I was a bawling baby.

Then I realized why I was crying so stinking much. That, not only did I want to win, and that I needed to win, but that I had to do something. And do it now.

So I am. I am making changes. Ready, here it goes:
  • I'm changing up the blog - new location, new look, new content.
  • I'm changing my twitter id to go with the blog
  • I'm going back to healthy eating and making dinner at home.
  • I'm exercising.
  • I'm getting my butt in gear and doing things. Things that make me move more, and sit in front of the tv or computer less.
  • I'm taking my kids and husband with me. It's a one for all kind of thing.
It will be hard. I won't have the support of the throngs of people that the Mamavation winner will have. But I can do it. Maybe not at warp speed, but I can at least freaking start, for crying out loud.

But one thing I won't be changing: I won't stop supporting the other Mamavation Moms - or anyone who wants to stop the battle, for that matter. I know a few more of you will feel what I'm feeling in a few days, when the final cuts are made.

And I can help. I'll let you cry and I'll let you get pissed. I'll let you eat some chocolate and sit on the couch to watch a chic flick. But then, you're gonna join me. We will write it out. We will work it out. And we will kick some ass.

We will get healthy. Together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'd rather be mamavated

So here it is. For all of the world (aka, the handful of you who already follow this new-born blog, and those awesome mamavation ladies coming to check in on the competition) to see. I'm putting myself out there today. I'm telling you the cold hard truth. It might be hard to hear, but it is much harder to say.

I need to lose weight. A lot of it. (Think: the weight of a small child.) But more than that, I need to get fit. Healthy.

It is funny that I write this about a day before I go do the biggest physical challenge of my life. I know how much of a contradiction it sounds like, but it's not. I did the Breast Cancer 3-day last year too. You know how it ended? With me hobbling up the street, both my knees bandaged and iced, smelling like Bengay, only able to sit on the curb - because it hurt that bad. And in between the start and the finish, I spent plenty of time in the medical tent - icing, see the sports medicine people, and even the chiropractor. Why? Well, it's a long story, but in a nutshell, I was too heavy for the stress I was putting on my body.

So why am I walking the 60 miles again? Obviously, it is an incredible and moving experience. And if I didn't train and do the walk, I would have spent all that time sitting on my butt and avoiding sweat like the palgue. But, more than that, I thrive when I am challenged. That is where mamavation comes in.

I need to be challanged. To be pushed. I work at losing weight - but I give in and give up too easily. I need the support mamavation will lend - and I, in turn, will pass it out too.

I need this. Badly.

I don't want to buy another pair of jeans one size bigger than the last. I don't want to laugh when someone asks me to go run. I don't want to eat grease as my meal the majority of the week. I don't want to cry when I go meet people I haven't seen in a while. I don't want my kids to see my unhealthy ways and think it's okay. I don't want to be the fat girl anymore.

I want my jeans to fall off of me. I want to run a 5K. I want to eat yummy, but healthy meals. I want to be self confident. I need to be self confident. I want my kids to be healthy, active, and self-assured girls that grow into healthy, active, confident adults. I want the person I used to see on the inside to match what is on the outside.

I want this. I need this. Please help?

If you would like to help me become a mamavation mom, you need to tweet to Leah, @bookieboo to get me into the finals. (include @bookieboo, #mamavation, and @amndaj in your tweets.) Example:

Hey, @bookieboo I vote for @amndaj to be the next #mamavation mom!

Thank you so much for reading what I just let ooze onto the blog, straight from my heart. This is something that, for the most part, I keep bottled up. I hope that by putting myself out there, you will feel what I'm saying and lend your support. Or at least a fist bump.

With out further ado, here is my mamavation vlog entry:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'd rather you felt your boobs.

I'm back! It has been a while, but I think I've found my mojo!

And to prove it, I'm running a breast cancer awareness contest on my other blog, The Pink Purpose. Won't you come over and join in?

Don't forget - FEEL YOUR BOOBS!

ps - I am going to be starting new posts soon, including a weekly post on making monday more! More what? You'll just have to come back and see!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'd rather have a better blog title.

It's true, I would rather be crafting sometimes. And sometimes I'd rather be a much better mom than I am. And sometimes I'd rather be much healthier than I am. I'd rather be a lot of things. It doesn't always happen.

Take, for example, this blog. I'd rather it have a different web address. I want to post about more things than just crafts, so "I'd rather be..." would be a better name than "I'd rather be crafting." But, I'm not going to change it. Mostly because what I want isn't available on Blogger.

Anyway, this is my long winded way of telling you that I'm going to be posting about non-crafty things. About being a mom, why the sky is blue, or what ever else strikes my fancy. I'll still get crafty, though, trust me. But in between, life will happen.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'd rather NOT be at blogher...

That may be a lie. But I'm not gonna tell. And I may have or may not have any idea what the parties sound like when I listen in on blog talk radio. And it may or may not make me a little green. And if I were, it would certainly be silly, as I have not been blogging for more than a minute or two and I am a virtual ant on the internet.

(An aside, for those of you who have NO idea what blogher is a big...really big...conference of bloggers happening in Chicago this weekend. The bloggers will learn a lot about this blogging thing, and be able to socialize - and win swag - even more.)

I do, however, know this: there is a remedy for my insane, I mean *possible*, jealously. It is blogher@home. So, instead of reading the countless #blogher09 tweets, I will be finding new blogs (hopefully some with lots of crafty goodness) and chatting with like-minded internet-addicted folks.

And as a reward to the few of you that follow or read, I plan on linking to some of the super awesome stuff I find while blog trippin'. Let's do this BHAH!

PS...I have written a few posts, but not as many as I would like. But, please check out for a guest post I did about taking a nasty undershirt from your husband and turning it into a cute dress for you daughter. It will be up June 28th.

PPS...The other blog that has been taking my time lately is The Pink Purpose. This is my blog for all things related to the breast cancer 3 day walk. It has some really powerful interviews from those touched by cancer. And, yes, I plan on walking the 60 miles (or as many has my broke-down body will let me) this October.

PPSS...Wow, this is really annoying. Sorry 'bout that...but I am planning on doing a header. One day. Sorry for the lack of eye candy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'd rather teach my daughter her ABC's

Actually, my daughter knows her ABC's pretty well. She can spell her name, make most of the letter sounds, and name most letters. But, she has a problem with lower case's like a foreign language right now. Plus, she says some sounds wrong -- R's and L's make W sounds. So, in looking at this cute paper I have that would never be put to use (I have had it forever and never did anything with it) I came up with a quick game to help her learn and have simple fun.

I just cut up the paper with a circle dye cut, then drew the alphabet -- all lower case, then all uppercase letters. After playing a few rounds of memory, we decided it was smart to write which letters were upper and which were lower, along with a line to use as reference. If you play memory with them, break up the cards into smaller sets first, and as your child gets better, add more cards. Ask how they look different. Ask what sound they make.

I plan on putting them in a leftover gift bag as storage. And I think I'll come up with a bunch of uses for them. Pulling on at the beginning of the day to have a "T" day. Pulling one out of the bag and having her go get me an object that begins with that letter. I'm sure they'll be well used.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'd rather win!

I finished up my May Christy's Craft Challenge! I decided to make cute little hair clips for the girls.

I had to use 5 different materials: scrapbook paper, blue fabric scraps, buttons, floral wire, and silk daisy flowers. I came up with a ton of ideas that involved sewing -- but seeing as how I suck at sewing, those were quickly icksnay-ed.

As you can see, I kinda suck at photography as well. Ah, well -- One day I'll have a nice digital SLR and it won't matter. Until then (read: never), I apologize.

It looks as if the competition is putting up a good fight. So go vote for me! Or for the best person, if you feel morally obligated. {Either way, it's me all the way, baby!!}

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'd rather be challenged

Here is a secret of mine: I am a compulsive procrastinator. Well, I guess it's not a secret since I posted about it only a few posts back...but still, now you firmly know something I try to hide.

Well, I'm not really doing a good job hiding it, either, I guess:
I'm late to absolutely everything.
I plan girl scout meetings on the day of the meeting.
Having a huge party? Lets clean, cook, and entertain all on the same day to make life "interesting."
(These things turn out well, mind you, but are very very stressful.)

So, I need motivation. I find it hard to come by -- so I substitute motivation for challenges.
And this is where crafty challenges come into the fold.

I have taken up Christy's Craft Challenge. She puts together the same craft packet for all who sign up (just pay a small fee to cover materials and shipping to her etsy site) and you get to turn that treasure trove into some major awesomeness. I am only on my second challenge, but I really like how it makes me I have signed up for a subscription (bonus...a discount!)

Now, through the miracles of twitter, I have been introduced to the new Brassy Apple Crafty Summer Series. This one I hope to let my kids in on. (Because, for the love of pete, they can't keep their hands off of my other challenge material.) My gears are turning over how to make craftastic summer t-shirts. This will require paint, sissors, and various other glittery supplies. And I am now very thankful for the Michael's gift card I have in my wallet.

We (the girlies and I) are also working on a summer to-do list. This will prove to be very challenging. We stubbled upon a cute little local blog that listed 100 things to do in DC. I love the idea of being a tourist in my own backyard. I have lived here all my life and have yet to do most of these things. Now, I don't think my girls would dig Ethiopian food, or paddeling down the potomac, but we will definitly be going to the Air and Space Museum. We are going to challenge ourselves to do between 25 to 50 of these things. Ain't gonna happen. But it will be nice to try. And I won't feel bad when we skip it to go to the pool.

So join me in a challenge...make your summer interesting!
If you want, I can provide a healthy dose of smack talk too....chicken.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'd rather have this coffee table

Are you kidding me? I'm minding my own google-reader business when Indie Fixx drops this bomb on me: Michael Arras.

This is beautiful.

And I will dream about it tonight, in the land where ketchup doesn't slip through the cracks and gunk doesn't stick to the nooks, and where money is just a piece of paper. And I will be smiling.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'd rather have a fancy-shmansy blog

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on the site right now, instead of posting! I am absolutely floored that I was able to make the blog into a 3 column format all by me-self! Arg! I feel like a pirate! (Weird...sorry.)

Next onto making my own header. Wish me luck. If I figure it out I'll post the how-to!

If you want a 3 column...visit They cover all your bases and are very straight forward. Tell them I sent ya! (No, I'm kidding, I just always wanted to say that!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I would so rather be crafting

I would so rather be crafting. Take, for example, right now. I could:

a. do laundry
b. getting ready for an upcoming yard sale fundraiser
c. planning dinner
d. organizing

Instead, I am thinking about what I can craft up for mothers day. And yesterday, I was crafting a butterfly note holder when I should have been making dinner. And I have been known to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning just to finish a craft. (Although, I am also a big procrastinator. Hence, why I it took me so long to post on this lovely blog.)

Now, I don't craft as much as I would like. I am slightly computer addicted, so I first have to draw myself away from blogs and facebook (oh, and...hello, twitter, my new friend!) Granted, I am on these sites to get more crafty knowledge (and play bejeweled blitz) but still....the internet is my friend. I guess I tend to get stuck in the "in between's" and that, my new blog reader, is why I have created "I'd rather be crafting." Because, while I would rather be doing it, I still need a swift kick to actually do it.

My hope is to push myself to post here my crafty pursuits. And to forward on awesome idea's that I have yet to do. And to hear what others do. And to learn how to do it.

There it is. Hopefully, I'll be able to fulfill at least one of those objectives. And if not, maybe I'll at least make some new friends.

Thanks for reading,


PS...Want to see aforementioned butterfly? It was my non-entry (did I mention I procrastinate?) to
Christy's Craft Challege: