Monday, November 2, 2009

I'd rather be following along, week 1!

As far as being healthy goes, this was a great week. No, it was a freaking fantastic week!

I'll tell you why:

1. I ate well. Here is my food diary, in a nut shell:
Monday: cereal
portbella spinach past (healthy choice, and soooo good.)
chips and salsa (an actual measured serving size)
flank steak, small serving of pasta, and lot's o' spinach.
Tuesday: cereal, apple
Portabella marsala pasta
(another yummy healthy choice meal)
flank steak, and a nice big blob of veggies
Wednesday: This day was a little rocky, as I skipped breakfast.
Sun dried tomato pesto chicken pasta
cucumbers, string cheese, light popcorn
Pizza - but a controlled serving size.
Thursday: cereal
Yeah, another microwave meal & an apple
caramel macchiato. Yup, I said it.
Beef pin wheel (w/ cheese, peppers & spinach inside)
broccoli and a few potato wedges.
Friday: More cereal
mini pizza's (microwaved) topped with veggies
Off to a movie, so I grabbed 3/4 of a chick-fil-a sandwich.
I did not have soda at the movie, but I did
succumb to the popcorn.
(a small box that I did not even come close to finishing)
Saturday: I know, I need variety....cereal.
Apparently, for lunch, I decided to skip a meal and
polish off the popcorn instead. oops.
I made (and tweeted) a cute little mummy made of
pizza dough, ham & cheese
Sunday: Big breakfast out with bacon, eggs, & english muffin
(coffee w/ 2 sugars, 2 pats butter, & 1 tsp jelly)
2 Reese's peanut butter cups. No lunch.
Fish, asparagus, rice for dinner

So, while it was not perfect, I didn't go out to eat all the Friday to Sunday meals (as I could easily, and often do.) I ate much less than I normally would. I made dinner. Often.

2. I exercised! I did my first long yoga class. It was fantastic! I was complaining about the pain for days later. Who knew yoga could kick your butt so hard? I also started a new EA Active 30 day workout. Those are always great - but I pushed myself to do the running (which I normally opt out of) and I did pretty well. *pat on the back* Oh, one last thing - I wore my Gruve all week, and got to green every day! (That just means, I reached my goal of burning calories and sat on my butt less.)

3. My kids were all in it with me! They took yoga classes too, and loved it. They drank water and ate more veggies and fruits. And we were burning up with wii:

4. I won some Earth footwear shoes! Not just one, actually, but three pairs! WOOT! That 3 degree angle will really help me feel the burn - can't wait for them to arrive!

5. I lost weight ~ awwwwww, yeah!

That would be, my stinky feet, on a scale that says 195! (Down 5 pounds!)

I'm so excited and so happy! I told ya'll I was going to rock it. ;)
See you next week!


  1. OMGOSH!!!! AWESOME week! You have been doing awesome and you are ROCKING it!! WOOT WOOT!!! xo

  2. Holy moly! Way to go!! You said you'd rock it and you did! Great job!!!!

  3. 5 lbs...holy cow! GREAT JOB!!! I love the honesty. Its a work in progress and you're kicking butt!

  4. Dooood, you got my props! I've lost that much weight in a week. Woot Woot!

  5. WAY TO GO! You're doing such a great job and I'm so motivated now! I'm starting the BetterU Makeover Challenge this week (through the American Heart Association here in Lincoln) and I can't wait to get my butt kicked! ;)

  6. SELLERS! Do you realize... that losing those FIVE huge pounds has you under 200 pounds? That blows my mind! I am so freakin proud of you! And you know I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass... cuz I love you...


  7. go mandy, get your gruve on, go mandy, go mandy!!