Friday, July 16, 2010

I'd rather list 5 things, 7/16/10

Happy Friday!!  I'm joining my lovely friend (and the birthday girl) Ms. Trayce at Yours...Truly Trayce for another Five Things.  If you want to join in, simply tell us 5 things about you, and link up!

1.     I love movie theater popcorn.  I once went into a theater just to get the popcorn.  It's bad, ya'll.

2.     It took me weeks upon weeks to come up with a semi-decent bucket list.  Why?  Either I have no imagination or I'm just really content.  I think it's a combo of both.

3.     I love my girl friends, but none of them live within a half hour drive of me.  :(

4.     My fingernails are paper thin.  I will never have long, hard, gorgeous nails.  Sniff.

5.     I find the words guacamole and avocado fun to say.  I frequently use them for no reason but just to have the syllables roll off my tongue.  Guacamollllleeee.  Aaaavaaaacaaaadooooo.  See? Fun.


  1. Yum! I love movie theater popcorn also! Now I want some!

    I really can't wait til I get to meet you face to day we will get to!

    Hahaha on the bucket list! I'm general..."watch a sunset" I need to come up with a list!

  2. *sigh* I don't have any girlfriends within 30 minutes either. Sucks.

    And I've totally hit up a movie theatre for popcorn and not gone to an actual movie. More than once. ;)

  3. I not only really like to say avocado and guacamole, I like to EAT them too. Double bonus. Avocado is probably my favorite food ever. This is a fun list : )