Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'd rather be challenged

Here is a secret of mine: I am a compulsive procrastinator. Well, I guess it's not a secret since I posted about it only a few posts back...but still, now you firmly know something I try to hide.

Well, I'm not really doing a good job hiding it, either, I guess:
I'm late to absolutely everything.
I plan girl scout meetings on the day of the meeting.
Having a huge party? Lets clean, cook, and entertain all on the same day to make life "interesting."
(These things turn out well, mind you, but are very very stressful.)

So, I need motivation. I find it hard to come by -- so I substitute motivation for challenges.
And this is where crafty challenges come into the fold.

I have taken up Christy's Craft Challenge. She puts together the same craft packet for all who sign up (just pay a small fee to cover materials and shipping to her etsy site) and you get to turn that treasure trove into some major awesomeness. I am only on my second challenge, but I really like how it makes me I have signed up for a subscription (bonus...a discount!)

Now, through the miracles of twitter, I have been introduced to the new Brassy Apple Crafty Summer Series. This one I hope to let my kids in on. (Because, for the love of pete, they can't keep their hands off of my other challenge material.) My gears are turning over how to make craftastic summer t-shirts. This will require paint, sissors, and various other glittery supplies. And I am now very thankful for the Michael's gift card I have in my wallet.

We (the girlies and I) are also working on a summer to-do list. This will prove to be very challenging. We stubbled upon a cute little local blog that listed 100 things to do in DC. I love the idea of being a tourist in my own backyard. I have lived here all my life and have yet to do most of these things. Now, I don't think my girls would dig Ethiopian food, or paddeling down the potomac, but we will definitly be going to the Air and Space Museum. We are going to challenge ourselves to do between 25 to 50 of these things. Ain't gonna happen. But it will be nice to try. And I won't feel bad when we skip it to go to the pool.

So join me in a challenge...make your summer interesting!
If you want, I can provide a healthy dose of smack talk too....chicken.

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  1. Check you out...smack talk!

    That Brassy Apple summer series looks fun, too!

    Are you finished with my craft challenge yet? I'm still in the brainstorming phase.