Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'd rather win!

I finished up my May Christy's Craft Challenge! I decided to make cute little hair clips for the girls.

I had to use 5 different materials: scrapbook paper, blue fabric scraps, buttons, floral wire, and silk daisy flowers. I came up with a ton of ideas that involved sewing -- but seeing as how I suck at sewing, those were quickly icksnay-ed.

As you can see, I kinda suck at photography as well. Ah, well -- One day I'll have a nice digital SLR and it won't matter. Until then (read: never), I apologize.

It looks as if the competition is putting up a good fight. So go vote for me! Or for the best person, if you feel morally obligated. {Either way, it's me all the way, baby!!}


  1. I don't think your pictures are bad. Good luck on the votes!

  2. So apparently, I have to start checking for comments!! I guess I was expecting either
    A. no comments to be left yet or
    B. A big neon flashing light on my home page.


    Thanks! (And about the other post, I love to smack talk...but I'm all bark, no bite.) :D

  3. super cute! love how you used the floral wire... great idea!

  4. Thanks, Stacey! The wire was the tricky part, for sure.

  5. too cute - and the barrettes aren't half bad either girl!

  6. Really love the large barrette! So fashinable for a little lady. Now where are the tee shirt pictures?