Monday, October 19, 2009

I'd rather Make Monday More

There is always drama out there, but recently it feels like it's getting out of control.

Mommy drama
Swag fights
Balloon Boy

Ugh. Enough already.

My Monday's tend to suck already, I really don't need to add any fuel to the fire.

So, I'm doing something that will help. I'm going to Make Monday More. It's my quest - and I hope some of you will join in - to make Monday's better by doing something to make someone or something better.

Last Monday, I didn't do much. I'm hoping you'll forgive me, because I was mending from doing somthing huge the day before - walking 60 miles, and raising $2,400+ for breast cancer.

The Monday before that, I commented on a wonderful woman's blog - she doesn't get many comments, and she needed some support.

This monday, I put out a call to twitter, and asked my tweeps how I could help. I already voted for a blog in a "best blog" contest. (Oh, and I got a few more requests - I just donated to another person's fundraising and gave a #mamavation vote!)

This is my point - I'm making Monday better. Every Monday, I pledge to make someone smile, I plan to leave a comment, let someone go in front of me in line, I plan to donate. I plan to send out some positive energy. Not because I want something back for it. Not to get credit.

Just because, I can. Just because I'm kinda sick of Monday sucking. I'm Making Monday More.

**If you want to see what I did every monday, I'll be tweeting it from @amndaj with the hashtag, #makemondaymore - please feel free to do the same!**


  1. What a wonderful idea! More people (including myself) should follow suit!

  2. Awesome idea!!! I love it! Your very own version of paying it forward:-))) you are amazing:-) xo

  3. Hi Mandy.

    Texas Caviar is really good. It is a dip with tosada's. I will post the recipes tomorrow. I have to dig out the cookbook, well um thats in the garage in a box. Pretty sure hubby will know wehre they are. we just moved last month to sc.

  4. man I wish i had half your energy and inspiration! ok, i'm down - make monday more!
    Can't wait til monday!!