Monday, May 10, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 5/10

It's Monday Mingle time again!  Please join us!  (I'm late, as usual, but it doesn't stop me, so don't let it stop you either!)  And next week are my questions, so you should totally join us for that!

Speedy is our host, click her button below to learn all about how to join in.

One more thing - I'm doing my first giveaway - a Thriv natural performance workout shirt - and I would love it if you entered! ;)  

Now, enjoy my cooky mingle!


  1. ROFL! Your lil sidekick was amazing : )

    I hate them being sick too.

  2. Loved the little one! She loves to talk. I am with you on kids being sick.. I feel so helpless as a mom during those times.

  3. I agree. it is hard when your kiddos are sick!
    Again your kids are so sweet!!
    So adorable! sorry i am late in watching your mingle...I got busy last week!

    So i caught up!!
    Have a super week, last minute Mandy! :)
    If you have a Wendy's and an Applebee's close that you are all set.
    I LOVE greys anatomy too!