Monday, May 10, 2010

I'd rather take a kick butt workout class

I was talking to my Dad this weekend, and he asked me what I did at LA Boxing.  It made me realize most of you probably have no idea what goes on in there. So this week, I'm going to do one post outlining the classes, and one post outlining what my personal training session looks like.

First up - the classes.  I've only personally taken the kickboxing and boxing classes but they also have abdominal work classes, martial arts classes, and MMA classes.  I've got to admit that I'm kind of nervous to do the other classes, as the boxing and kickboxing are more than sufficient in kicking my butt.

If sufficient means: walk away shaking, having used every single muscle in your body, and drenched in sweat.

The classroom isn't your typical lay out.  First, there is a big metal rig set up in the room, from which, 25 or so heavy bags hang.  There is no "front" of the room, as the instructor walks around a lot.  He may come back to one bag to show you the next combination, but trust me, there is no "hiding." (I know this because I "may" have been hoping to go unnoticed.  I "may" have been hoping to wuss out a little and take it easy.  I "may" have figured out that both those things would never happen.)  The instructor also comes around with pads and practices one-on-one during the session as well.

If you are a first timer, you need to get to class early to get your hands wrapped and get gloved up.  Then once class begins, the instructor pumps up the music, and you begin an hour-long super intense workout.  (And yes, it is intense for me, but it is also intense for everyone else in the class.  I've seen strapping young guys covered in sweat, panting, looking like they may pass out.  It's not just me.)

You'll work your bag with different combinations, depending what class you take.  But this isn't just an upper body workout.  Be prepared to drop on the ground and do push-ups, sit-ups, and various other forms of torture exercises.  You might end up shadow boxing, jumping rope, or even running laps through the bags.  I have found that the instructors have some kind of sixth sense and know when a person is pushing themselves enough or not.  If you are slacking, you'll hear about it.  (In the most caring, "get your ass in gear," "don't waste your time," way possible.)  And when it's all over, you'll get a chance to stretch and marvel in the fact that even though you are covered in sweat, you somehow did not melt into a puddle.

You will be tired.
You may be a little out of it.
But you will feel damn proud that you lived to tell the tale.

I live to tell the tale.

PS - I'm giving away an awesome Thrive natural performance shirt that would be perfect for any LA Boxing workout, as it is wicking, anti-odor, and really comfortable.  Check it out here!

Disclosure: As a participant of #Fitbloggin' 10, I was offered (by LA Boxing) three months free membership, free personal training, and merchandise - all in exchange for blogging my *honest* opinions once a week.


  1. I love your last line! Sounds like a great workout. Good for you!

  2. Great job! Know you are really enjoying this even though it is tough. One question, though....what is MMA?

  3. I really, really want to get my butt kicked too!!! ;) Good job, girl!

  4. take me with you! :D SOOO proud of you babe!

  5. I'm a member of La Boxing myself, and yes, the instructors give you a "kick butt workout!"

  6. @Jane; MMA=Mixed Martial Arts & is often an associated term with Cage Fighting Organizations & events such as UFC, WEC and name a few. LA Boxing takes the training regimen of the contestants/participants of these events and condenses them into and hour long workout for its members.