Monday, May 3, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 5/3

Oh, how I've missed Mingling.  I'm off to visit you all now.  If you want to join us, click the button below and you'll head over to the directions and the link up.

And here is my vlog - not too exciting this week.  I'll try to spice it up next time.  (Someone want to teach me how to add in the music like you pro's do? Please?  Bueller....Bueller?)

**Holy cow, vimeo took a good 6 hours to upload.  Wow. This is just barely a Monday mingle. Hmpffff.**


  1. I feel so much better about missing out! So many of you have been MIA lately :).

    No shameless plug there lol. There is definitely a powerful image given during these walks and you see the thousands upon thousands of people affected by cancer.

    If you haven't seen Greg's posts from last year about trying to donate his time to soup kitchen you should check it out. He was actually denied. LOL

    See ya next week!

  2. Great job doing the walks!

    It is beyond heartbreaking and we need to find a cure.

    I'm often late with my Mingle too... and esp late visiting others.

    Talk more soon,
    ps. My mingle is at

  3. Great charity to choose. :)
    That is one of the things I want to do with our family, go to a shelter and donate time. It just can be hard to do with a little one! Nice to see you again, hope you have a great week!

  4. Hello again! I apologize for commenting SO LATE - I am going through older mingles and I found I hadn't commented on yours.

    That is wonderful that you've done the Susan G. Komen walk. I would really like to do that, as I also have friends and family that have been affected.

    We have panhandlers on the islands in the roads but I rarely have cash on me...that is cool that you do with your spare change.

    Thanks for mingling!