Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'd rather make a habit.

Alrighty, time for a check in on the scale and on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans 21 days challenge.

I'm down just a bit from last Wednesday (which I still think was a freak off-number day), but from last Monday I'm down by 2.8 pounds!  I'm psyched about this - mostly because I know I've also gained muscle weight as well.  How could I not, when my buddy Donte (from LA Boxing) has been making me run while punching free weights or while carrying a 16 pound sledgehammer?!!  I really have to take my measurements and take a picture, though, because I think that will really tell the tale much better than the scale will.  (Oh, and also?  I fit into a pair of shorts I haven't worn in ages.  Hells yeah!)

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

Now about the challenge:

Working out: check.  I've been kicking arse.  Seriously.  I've been walking, yoga-ing, and boxing like a champ.  Plus - at my personal training sessions I've had to run.  This might be nothing of significance for most of you (it's just a minute or two of jogging at a time) but before this - I would only run from a fire.  Maybe.  So the fact that I'm able to run is not only incredible, it's down right shocking. 

Eating vegetarian: check.  It hasn't been very hard, either.  I love seafood (that really helps) and I've tried out a few new recipes with soy protein crumbles.  My kids are even digging on it!

Drinking water: check, mostly.  I have been filling up my water bottle often, and chugging away.  Problem is, I think (judging by this water calculator) that I should be drinking 85-105 ounces of water a day, and ... um ... I so don't.  So I still have to keep adding more fill-ups.

Multivitamin:  not so much.  Well, I did manage to take it 3 times.  The results were not favorable, to say the least.  I think I may have to resort to Flinstone's chewables, because like a child, the big-girl vitamins made my twummy hwurt.

Seven days down, 14 more to go.  I'm feeling good - how about you?


  1. I can't help to giggle at you. Ok, first, about have to start somewhere. Seriously. Whether it's a minute, two minutes, or 30, you're running. The thing is, that okay, so today you ran one minute. Tomorrow, I know you can add just 30 seconds. You can do anything for 30 seconds right? Then the next day, add a minute. Before you know it, you can run a 5K.

    Next. I think you are doing FANTASTIC. Ok, so you need to work on the vitamin. I always forget to take mine. I need to work on it too. The thing is, you are creating new healthy habits and before long, those will be more than your habits, they'll just be your lifestyle. I am SO proud of you. Keep up the good work!

    Maybe only run from a fire. *giggle*

  2. I hope you are still doing LA Boxing in the fall...Maybe we can gang up on the teacher and kick his ass.

  3. I buy gummy vitamins at Target. For adults! They're tasty :)