Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 2/22

Howdy Minglers and looky-loo's.  Happy Monday!

Please consider joining us - I want to know who you are!  (And your freeze frame can't be much worse than mine...)


  1. lol...i saw that you do these mingles too.
    i watch cheryl's everyweek and say i should really fix my webcam and join in.
    i'm kinda like you...will give any movie a shot once. ( but can't stand the sci-fi ones at all) the really "out there" kind.

    happy monday..
    see you tonight at the mamavation show

  2. Good mingle! It is kinda hard to hear you sweetie though. have U thought of a microphone or something for your computer? They are not that much.
    Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you feel better.

  3. OMG!! I am the exact same way with football and fantasy football!! I run a league with my students! I dont gamble with it yet!!

  4. Tina - you definitely should join in! We would love to have you.

    We order in a lot too - some days I just don't feel like cooking LOL. I, too, am trying to change.

    I see on your sidebar you are going to Bloggy Boot Camp? Which one? I might be going to the one in S.F.!

    I can deal with football...but baseball? Not so much for me. Oh I hate grumpy men when their team loses or is playing bad. UGH!

    Thank you so much for mingling again!

  5. See the one sport I do like is Baseball.

    It's so nice to air quote see you again.

  6. I can handle baseball if we're at the game, but that's about it :D Hope you have a wonderful week - was nice mingling with you!