Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'd rather be more "bring it" than "bleh"


That's what I want to say in this post.

Well, mostly.  I'm actually in a really weird in between spot.  I'm half "bleh" and half "bring it."

Bleh because I have been coasting.  Sometimes not even coasting.  And it's so stupid.  I sit here, every Mamavation Monday, seeing the great things you all have done the previous week, and I feel jealous.  I want to have lost pounds.  I want to have eaten that well.  I want what you where able to do.  And yet, the next day comes, and I don't do it.  I get lazy, or overwhelmed, or bored, and then I cop out.  I do workout.  I do eat well.  But not all the time, only sporadically.  And doing it "when I feel like it" isn't getting me anywhere.


I just don't know how to force myself to always want it.  And it is so funny - I'm sure if you went back and analyzed my posts - half of them would be upbeat and "bring it," and the other would be "bleh."  So, I'm a little bit of both this time.

My "bring it" attitude is a way to force myself into doing it.  (Shhhh, don't tell that party of me that I don't really want to "bring it.") It is a way to force me into action.  This time around I've made a mini competition with my husband.  One point for each time we work out, one point away for each time we even mention going out to eat.  I plan on kicking his butt. *Hi boo, glad you're reading this, and yes, I am smack talking via my blog. muah.*

Bleh and bring it.  Feeling one more than the other, but I guess the trick is to force "Bleh" into submission....for as long as I can.

(Bet you can guess I didn't lose pounds this week.  I'm around 194.  Bleh.  Bring It.)


  1. I think we all get stuck in a rut. It's easy not to focus on ourself when we have kids, work, family and other things we'd "rather" be doing.

    I wish I could give you some words of inspiration, but honestly, I don't know what to say because I think you have to really want it for yourself and your family first. I know what it's like to "want" to lose weight, but not really work hard at it to achieve it. Been there, done that.

    One day, I just made up my mind.

    I woke up with my AHA moment. And, that was it.

    Do I slip? Of course, but I analyze it accept it, recognize it, and move on.

    It's not easy, and for the most part, it's not fun. But if you want it bad enough, it will be worth it :)

  2. Rutty-rut-rut... reconnect with your motivation. If fit-bloggin is not gonna get you doing the actions need to be doing then revisit some of your posts from when you were motivated. Try to recapture what you lost or sit down and honestly ask what you want and why you want it. You can do this Mandy, but only you can know WHY you want it.

  3. Oh man...been there...stuck...break out woman!! You CAN do this!

  4. What drives you?

    I have struggled with my weight for years and finally I feel like I have something that is worth giving up all the excuses for.

    Not sure if that makes sense but hope it helps.

  5. The same things have been going through my head. I want to love to do everything it takes to get myself healthy and stay there. But I love to cook, I love to bake and I love to eat. I am learning to love to exercise, but I still haven't figured out the eating part. I want to Bring It this week to. Lets both bring it together.

  6. Wow. How bout trying to change things up a bit. I was kinda in that spot myself and changing things up helped change my attitude. Try a new workout, try on some skinnier clothes. Whatever it takes. I'm cheering for you!

  7. kick hubby's butt! (love you to bro!) it probably doesn't help that we've had so much freakin' snow on the ground - but spring is coming girl! you could always get up at o'dark-thiry and come body pump with me! love you sissy!

  8. For half of this post I wanted to give you a big hug, for the other half I wanted to kick your butt in gear....;) THE reason being is this, I recently have been feeling the same way and after reading your words, I'm thinking "WHAT THE HEDoublehockeysticks are we doing?"...or NOT taking advantage of. You have been an inspiration to me and knowing you need to bring it makes me want to bring it too. WE can do it. I KNOW you can. I agree with Kia, maybe re-reading some of your amazing posts will re-ignite the fire! But also, your inspiration should be wearing a cheesebra topless. If that does not scare you into bringing it, I don't know what will. HA! xxoo skype me when you can. kiss

  9. That happened to me when my motivation came from me and not from outside of me. When it was about ME getting healthy, I would end up losing motivation. But when it became about my family and modeling behavior for them, it was more motivating for me.

    The reality of obesity for your children is this. They WILL follow in your footsteps. Obesity leads to not only health problems, but to less opportunities in life. Less likely to graduate high school and college. Making less money. Less likely to get married. More likely to suffer from depression, etc. Let that be your motivation. Have it come from the mother lion inside of you.

  10. Oh Mandy, I'm so there w/you. I'm happy that you have your hubby helping you! I don't have that. Psych your "bleh" out! When you do that, share w/the class so we can see if it works for us, too! ;) *hugs*

  11. OMGosh I am the say way. I want it to sooooo be me and I have all the tools for it to be me but I too get lazy, cop out, and get unmotivated in a matter of seconds. That is great you have a comp with hubby. I should do that too! Hang in there.

  12. oh sweetie, i feel the same way ...
    back and forth between bring it and bleh
    mondays are always bring it then by wed or thurs it is bleh.
    i too am very jealous of all the healthy eating and working out i read about.... i am just trying to take baby steps. i always go for it , then flop when i get sick of being soo "good"
    it is about living your life with good choices.

    luv ya

  13. When hubby is home, I don't want to workout because that gives me an excuse not to BUT today was different, got tired of not working out when he was home so I made myself do it...I wanted it! I am so glad I did it too (even though I had to hear his "motivation" while doing it lol). I believe if we really want something, we find a way to make it happen. Put "bleh" into submission. The stronger the "bring it" the better you get. You can do it! Believe in yourself and push.

  14. when my hubby is home I don't want to work out I want to spend time and cuddle with him, but all I here is Amanda have you worked out today! LOL I say bring it on Mandy yuo cna do It know you can you are a strong beautiful women!

  15. You know what a rut is? It is a grave with the ends knocked out.

    Get.Out.Of.The.Rut! Or you're gonna lie there forever!

    You can do this!! We all believe you!

  16. Mandy! Perhaps the key is NOT to force yourself into doing it, but rather, find fun ways of doing it so that you look forward into doing it regularly? A good example is my treadmill in the basement. I can't stand running or walking in the treadmill. I get really, really bored that I sometimes end up hurting or injuring myself. I was forcing myself to use it for sometime, then I just stopped doing it.

    EA Sports Active came, and I now I can't stop myself from using it. I actually enjoy the workout I get so I look forward to doing it everyday. Then just today, because I wanted to reach 10K steps really bad and I was really behind, I grabbed my laptop and worked while walking in the treadmill! I finished at 8.5K steps (from 2K when I started) and I didn't even noticed the time, and I did enjoy it this time. Now I know how I could make myself use the treadmill again without forcing myself to.

    I hope you find what would motivate you to constantly "bring it". Bleh days are part of it as well. Looking forward to reading your progress. --- @ImAHotMom

  17. It's all about choosing to do it. I know that's obvious, but it's true. You just have to decide to do it. I think my biggest problem in the past is that I would tell myself that I'm just going to fail anyway, why should I bother? Pete Cohen says you have to act like who you'd like to be. Perhaps just try behaving how you think one of the Sistahs that has been successful would behave. And, yes, rock that contest with you husband. Make use of the fact that he is willing to go on this journey with you! :) We all expect to see good things from you next week!

  18. Wow. This exactly where I am at today! And you've just given me some motivation. Thanks! And have a better week! I'm going to try to too.