Monday, February 8, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 2/8

Hey guys!  I appologize in advance for two things, both related to the fact that we are in Disney World for the a combo vacation and Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

First:  My kids are all up in this video.  It is distracting.  And really funny.  Sorry!
Second:  I probably won't be able to get to the Mingle's in a timely manner.  But I'll do my best to get to them eventually!

Have a great week!

PS - I found it really easy to Make Monday More today at Disney - returned an almost lost sweater, picked up a little girls special card, and just smiled a whole lot.  Everyone deserves a better Monday in Disney! :)


  1. Hello! It's so nice to see you - and live from Disney World no less! I can tell you all are having a wonderful time!

    I can't wait to mingle on location sometime - how fun would that be? Your daughters are adorable, and your husband sounds like mine LOL.

    Thank you so much for joining in - I hope we'll see you again!

  2. Oh your girl is cute! Your daughters are like mine--NOT camera shy at all.

    I would LOVE to mingle on location! Maybe soon. That would be fabulous I think.

    The beach is nice!

    Have a great time at Disney! :)

  3. Have fun at Disney World!!

    I found out this is great to have the kids in the vids!

    Great mingling! Have a wonderful week! Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.

  4. WOW!! LIVE from Disney!! That's fantastic!! Your girls are so cute!! I hope that you have the most magical time!! I can't wait to take my kids when youngest is old enough to remember!!

  5. So jealous!! I hope you are having a fabulous time at WDW. We just went in December and it was wonderful.

    Thanks for taking time to Mingle!