Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 3/14

Oh my gosh, my Monday Mingle is done on time! No, it's done early! Be still my beating heart. (I bet there are a handfull of you that didn't even know I mingled the last 2 weeks because I posted them so darn late.  But not this week. Woo hoo!)

And to top that, I even found 5 minutes to do it alone.  Miracles apon miracles, I tell you.

Don't forget, Monday Mingle is hosted by Jennifer at Eighty MPH Mom.  Join us!

Have a laugh at the freeze frame:


And the happy 5-year-old:

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Mandy!!
    I know, I usually have to hide in the bathroom or a corner of the basement to Mingle! LOL
    You're braver than me, girl!
    Kudos on more wishes, that would be fun...ya, ask for a million wishes!
    And your daughter is simply adorable by the way!

    Have a great week!

  2. I am always late too -- the most obnoxious thing in my way -- red lights -- I get them all the time!!

    I hope that you get the chance to go rock climbing again!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!!

  4. Go climb your cliff-ish rock, girl! You should put that one on the calender and then blog/vlog it. :)

    I know all about the last minute biz. I'm always late. I don't speed when I drive because the police in my area are very strict but I do try things along if I need to get somewhere. LOL

    Yay for more wishes! I wasn't that smart with my wish.

    Happy 5th birthday to your little girl. She is just darling.

  5. I loved the part about you being in the only part of the house that you could be alone. LOL

  6. Happy Birthday to your little girl--Mine is this week too! Tuesday, she'll be 8.
    I picked rock climbing too--I'm too much of a chicken for heights.
    HAVE a GREAT week!

    *Psst, sometimes behind a bathroom door is the ONLY safe place for me to mingle as well.* lol.

  7. MANDY!!!! You are awesome with your rock climbing girl! DO EEET! LOL at your last minute sister and hey its all good to be aggressive. You are so cute. HECK YA more wishes FO SHO!! I too had to think on that...
    Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl!

  8. You look so little and cute!

    Maybe I should try rock climbing. I'm always just so embarrassed, but I need to step out of my comfort zone.

  9. As much as I do miss my kids when they are at school(sometimes), it does give me the freedom to mingle! (now my pets make noise in the background) I am perpetually late, so I totally get the rushing, Happy Birthday to your daughter, she's adorable!

  10. I'm usually late too. I'm late watching this time... It's late Wed night tonight.

    I would have chickened out too... I'm freaked by all that stuff.

    I used to have dreams about falling, but luckily not in a while.

    I too am always last minute. I try hard not to speed, but it's tough b/c I'm always late for everything.

    Of course, more wishes, right? Wow... that's great that you can't even think of a wish. I guess you don't even need more wishes b/c you don't even have a single wish. LOL