Monday, March 8, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 3/8

Time to mingle once again!  My daughter is helping me out again this week - and it might be the last tme for a bit. I love her help, but this is the third take, and mama needed some sleep!  Anywho, she cracks me up (even when she's wordy) - as you will see at the end of the clip.

Remember, to mingle, just go to Eighty MPH Mom to get the questions, link up your vid, and visit other participants.  It's easy and fun - even a 7 year-old can do it. ;)


  1. Love the hair - I am looking for tips about chores and how to get kids to do them too! Happy Monday Mingle!

  2. Love the hair! Like momma like daughter! Your girl is so cute. She is such a camera hog--
    I LOVE girl scout cookies. I think I need some.
    Samoas. YUM.Happy mingling this week!

  3. it's fun to stay up past bedtime, hahah

    YAY on being a leader... DH plans to lead a boy scout troop in a few years.

  4. Check with Linda...I am sure she has some GS camping stories about, ugh, I mean for you. Love the do's!! Camping at A. Cathy's in June?

  5. You guys are too cute! Your daughter is beautiful.
    Love the mingle.
    How old is she??

  6. I LURVE THE HAIR!!! You two are so super cute Mandy!! Hmm...I think we might do the allowance if Grant decides to do anything we don't ask...other than making messes etc LOL. Wahoo on cookie sales! The Chad LOVES tagalongs I used to love the thin mints until I was turned onto the Samoa's YUM!! I love all the mingles with the kids this week so awesome. You too are adorable!

  7. allowance and chores - do it!
    make them both consistent - and yes, some thing get done, just cause they live in a house :)
    it'll work in your favor when they are 15 and 20!
    (shoulda kept with it all along!)

    camping - i'll go with you - hubby says he's had a lifetime of it, but kids and i are game :)

    and cutie pie needs her own show :D

  8. OH EM GEE!!! This vid made my day!! LOVVVE you, love her!!and COOOKIEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! xxoo

  9. Awww you two are just adorable! You girls are going to have so much fun together in is such a neat relationship. My daughter and I enjoy each other so much. Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

    Tagalongs and Samoas - yum! She is so funny!

    Oh boy, you are brave with the overnight trip for Girl Scouts. We really don't do camping either. It's not my thing LOL

    Thanks for mingling again!