Monday, March 8, 2010

I'd rather focus on the positive

Happy Monday everyone!  I know a lot of people hate Mondays (and, I'm normally one of them) but this Monday is good.


Because I can breathe out of my nose again!!  Hallelujah!!

I was M.I.A. this whole past week with a killer cold.  It was doubly hard because I was on demand 24-7, as daddy was away on business.  I tell you, every time he leaves, I get another reminder of just how awesome all you single moms are.  It makes me want to send flowers and coffee to my bestie (she's a single mom to 3) because that is hard work, with no relief.

Anywho, as some of you may know, I was too darn sick to work out (steps made me winded) and I didn't have the ability to eat as well as I would have wanted.  Actually the eating was funny - at times I was fantastic (lots of fruits and veggies, water, soup, etc) then others I ... uhhh ... wasn't.  (It's really hard to cook for everyone when you have a box of tissues glued to your hand.) (Oh, and all those girl scout cookies sitting in my dinning room really didn't help matters!)

So, I stayed the same for my weight this week.  I'm a-okay with that, and I am still feeling very motivated.  My husband and I have fallen right back into our competition and there isn't an end for that in sight.  (Actually, that continues to be a really great motivator.  If you haven't tried it - you really should - especially if you all like to smack talk.  We obviously do, judging by his "anonymous" comment on my last mamavation post.  Silly man, doesn't he know he stands no chance?!)

Also, I went to a friends baby shower this weekend, and saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a looonnng time.  I got a lot of compliments - even a "you're looking thinner!"  So, I know I'm on the right track.

Here are a couple other random tidbits for you all:
  • I met Roni, the organizer of Fitbloggin', while at Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend, and she is fantastic!!!  You really should check out her sites - they have so many great recipes and ideas.
  • I triple dog dare you all to go try steamed artichokes.  Not the canned, mushy kind, but the kind where you have to scrape the meat off he leaves with your teeth.  It is a childhood favorite of mine, and I'm happy to say that my daughter has found the joys of it too!
  • I attended a yoga for headache workshop a week or so ago, and I plan on writing a post about that soon!  They gave us lots of good info - and I've already been putting some of it to use.

That's it for this week.  I hope all of you are having a great week, and if not, then I hope you are picking your selves up and moving forward.  Because you are Maaaavelous, dalinks, simply maaaaavelous.

PS - Did you know I always link these posts back up to the blog carnival at Bookie Boo?  The support of the Mamavation ladies has been key to me.  If you are lacking that in your life, please consider joining us.  Plus, if nothing else motivates you, there are giveaways each week. ;)


  1. Whose baby shower? Loved the mingler! Was Sara on a sugar high?

  2. Great job staying the same this week, even with adversity! Artichoke is gross. You will lose.

  3. see that up there? That's my husband. Again.

    He's still gonna lose. ;)

  4. get 'em girl!
    artichokes rock!
    (throws up the rocker sign!)

  5. Let me send some motivation to you. I lurve you. Haha...

    Ps... I'm an asparagus girl.

  6. So glad you are all better. I need to go find this annon post from your DH, hah