Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'd rather save the country a billion dollars

I am completely living up to my twitter name (@LastMinuteMandy) and just sent back my census form.  Yes, it "might" have been sitting with my bills for over a month.  Yes, I "might" have thought (on more than one occasion) that I needed to do it.  I kept meaning to "get to it" but I just didn't.  Plus I figured, at worst, they would send someone to the door to get the answers.  But, as I just learned, that logic is BAD.

  • Because it only costs the government 42 cents (for postage) when I send my form back, but it costs (on average) about $57 per household to send a census taker.  That means that if every house in my neighborhood were as forgetful/lazy/time-less/etc as I almost was, it would result in well over $12,000 worth of government money waisted.  That's just one neighborhood.
  • If national participation to mail in the form only increased one percent, taxpayers would be saved 85 million dollars!  
  • And if every household mailed back its 2010 Census form, taxpayers could save 1.5 billion dollars! 

So, go fish your form out from under that to-do pile and get it done, because the deadline to mail the form is tomorrow! I did mine with my daughter and it only took a few minutes.  What, did you lose yours?  The census says if you lost or misplaced your form, call them at the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at 1-866-872-6868.

Children Count Too! United States Census 2010Remember, children count too!  The census counts them to give funding to child-related programs such as headstart, teacher grants, foster care, and state children's health insurance.  And If we don't get counted then our communities lose out on federal funding for local hospitals, senior centers, job training centers, and more.

They're gonna find you anyway, you might as well go do it now.... seriously, go now.  I'm watching you.  The clock is ticking!


  1. Maybe it is time to CHANGE your twitter name! =) Something positive to live up to ;) xoxo

  2. We sent ours off no more then 2 days after we received it. You're right our kids count and so do we.

  3. Ok this doesn't have anything to do with your post - but I am so tickled for you! Saw your name and blog post on the LA Boxing website! Kick butt girl!