Monday, January 11, 2010

I'd rather be going to Disney!!!

I'm so excited!  So stinking excited!

I am going to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World!

Well, I should say *WE* are going, because it's a family affair!  Of course it is, this is Disney!

This is coming at a great time - almost the 10 year anniversary of my honeymoon to my wonderful husband - that was (you guessed it) in Disney!

I am beyond excited, as this is my very first conference.  I am planning to attend Fit Bloggin' in March, but this one just popped onto my radar - and being such big Mickey fans, how could we say no?

So now I need help with two things:

1.  What should I expect?  What should I wear?  What should I bring for the sessions?  What have I gotten myself into!?  (See, I go back a bit with some of my Mamavation ladies who I'll see at Fit Bloggin', but I don't know the other Disney SM Mom bloggers as well.  I'm nervous!)

2.  Mamavation - I need a plan of attack!  How does one go to Disney, and not come back 3 sizes bigger?  Help!

So, can you help?  Give me some pointers!  It will help keep me from floating away in these Mickey shaped clouds!


  1. This is also my first conference, but not my first trip to Disney. As you said, it was just too amazing to pass up as a Disney fan. I think we will all learn together about what to expect since this is the first time they are doing this event.

    When we went to Disney in May I had lost about 2o pounds before and was freaked out about gaining weight. With all of the walking and eating I lost 5 pounds. I figured it was my vacation and I was going to have things that looked good (not being a pig mind you). We were on the dining plan and I ate what I wanted. Good luck - eating some goodies and walking it off is something that can be done. Meanwhile I am trying to get into my Pre-H1N1 shape with my Leslie Sansone DVDs. They were so wonderful to have before Disney in May.

  2. Hi!! I'll be there too. I grew up going to Disneyland, but have become DisneyWorld family since getting married! This will be our 4th trip to WDW.....we took our little one when just barely walking.

    This is my first conference too (I went to a Sesame Street bloggier event in Oct, but I'm guessing this is different). I have no clue what to bring.

    So excited!!!!

  3. i'll be there too - and its my first conference too! i'm a little nervous!

    i posted a what to wear guide on my blog today - check it out! (you can at least read what i'll probably be wearing ;-)

    looking forward to meeting you!

  4. You CAN eat healthy at Disney!! I'll post some food facts on my next Disney blog post soon. Tell me what kind of things you like to do and I'll give you some pointers. Relax? Stay busy? Loud vs. quiet? Funny or more serious? That kind of stuff.