Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'd rather give three scoops

My husband is the cool parent.  The easy-going, "aww, let em stay up late to watch Mythbusters," fun parent.  He disciplines too, for sure, and we work well as a team.  But, I think if my kids had to label us, I would be the bossy one, and he would be the fun one.

That sucks sometimes.

I don't mind that they know I mean business when I give them "the look."  They know mom knows - that mom sees all.  That mom will put the smack down if she has too.  Those are good things, but I miss the other stuff sometimes.

Compared to a lot of parents, I'm probably pretty darn fun - I think.  I let them jump on the furniture.  They sometimes get to sleep in, on a school day, just because.  Make crazy food concoctions, as if my kitchen were a laboratory, for the fun of it.

Even still, to them, I am McBossy, and he is McFun.

But....but...I have the ice cream.

I give three scoops.  He gives two.

He lets me win that one.  He points out that "Hey, Mom is the one that hooks you up.  I'm sorry, I can only give you two scoops.  Guess Mom beats me on that."  He probably wants to give them four.  But he doesn't.  He lets me have a beautiful, fun mom moment.

I have the ice cream.  I'm the fun Mom that gives three scoops.


  1. :)! My mom lets me sleep in on school days too :)!

  2. Hey, Sana, don't tell anyone (shhhhh), but it really benefits me just as much as them. :D

  3. girly, I love the way you write. and if you are McBossy, then I must be McTyrant :D

  4. ha ha then I am McUnderminded when the hubs decides to discipline in our house. We are the same way, but sometimes the balance gets out of whack. LOL