Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd rather be in Bollywood

Good morning and happy Monday!  It is a rainy day here, but I'm feeling quite chipper, regardless.

Ready for my weekly check-in?  Here is the run down:

Work outs:  Did more yoga, walking, balance ball work outs, and more Bollywood dancing!  Some of you had mentioned you were interested in them, so taking a cue from @BusyBabyMama, I thought I'd post a clip for you.  First is a short trailor that gives you a quick glimpse into the video:

And, yes, I do feel like a bit of an ass doing the workout.  But it is still fun to do.  If you have time, here is a clip of Ellen doing it on her show - she looks goofy, but you get the idea that it's a happy, fun dance.

WARNING:  The elk move at the end is VERY dangerous to preform around any male. *wink*

Onto food:  I followed my usual m.o. - good during the weekdays, not so good on the weekend and once everyone is in bed.  I have made a plan with my husband to tackle our major affection for eating out, but I think I need advice from you all about my nightly snack habit.  I wait until everyone is asleep, and I have this nice happy quiet moment when I catch up on my shows, and get to eat what I want, with out having to share it with little sticky fingers.  The problem though, is that I pick sweets (hello chocolate and peanut butter, my two best friends) or salty foods with dip (everyone knows pretzels taste better with queso dip.)  I am determined to make better choices, but not ready to give it up entirely.  Do you have any suggestions as to what might make a better (yet still deceivingly satisfying to my craving) choice?  Because I am kinda sick of working so hard, then sabotaging myself.

I'm feeling good, overall.  I think I have lost about a pound.  (Hard to tell, on my scale, but the needle moved a little, so that's what I'm going with.)  I'm happy with this, as I think I'm gaining some more tone in my muscles too.  I'm still in the right mode, and really want to keep losing.  This week, I am committing to working out Monday through Friday (whew!) and only eating out once (gasp!) - because I have heard a few compliments lately ("wow, your face is looking thin," "hey skinny mini,") and I want to keep them coming!

Thanks for listening and I look forward to your snack advice!


  1. lol, I think I would feel like an ass too. your post is funny. My first thought is to probably google something about "healthy late night snacking" and see what results come in. Um, yogurt comes to mind and maybe a small bowl of cereal..special k? Awesome job you are doing for yourself this week. Keep it up!

  2. Funny post! I wish I had some advice on late night snacking. . .but it is a nemesis of mine, too. Hope you have a great week!

  3. I have a cup of tea...usually green naturally decaf, that sometimes help.

    Love the post and videos ! Awesome!

  4. Love the bollywood workout. I need my workouts to be fun and always changing. I'm going to see if my local library has a bollywood workout DVD. Great suggestion.

  5. I LOVE that bollywood DVD...I have to get it! Here are some of the things I snack on that will not sabotage you: carrots with hummus, greek yogurt with berries almonds Y honey, low fat popcorn (yes, salty), popped potato chips (they have zero oil), bowl of healthy cereal, 100 calorie packs (yes, processed, but sometimes you gotta), buffalo or turkey jerkey, etc. XXOO

  6. Gotta get the garbage out of the house girl! You aren't Superwoman. The fam may complain for a bit but they'll live and they'll get used to it. Then stock up on healthy snacks like raw veggies or even wasa crackers with hummus or something...just go easy on the

  7. Agreed that you have to get rid of the temptation in the house. Hummis is great. And I like Edameme. Its a great snack to keep around and since you can warm it up with just a touch fo Sea Salt, you still feel like its fancy.

    Good luck and keep shaking your booty. :)

  8. One of my fave snacks that feels like "cheating" is vanilla nonfat yogurt with PB stirred in and a few chocolate chips. I usually have 1/2 cup yogurt with 2 Tbsp PB. It's a good snack and it combines all those wonderful flavors!

    The bollywood dance looks interesting, definitely a good workout! Keep up the good work!!

  9. Edamame is a great idea, it's salty enough to hit that button! I'm a peanut butter addict too, so what about PB (organic!) on celery? With raisins or craisins if you want is really good. A good spreadable cheese is great on celery too, and I love to eat pretzels with plain hard cheese - Get a good, minimally processed pretzel (I think that Paul Newman has a good one)and a block of Tillamook Extra Sharp White Cheddar - it's amazing. Cutting the cheese into small bites and putting it together with the pretzels will make it take a while to eat, so you won't eat as much!

    And most importantly, keep having FUN!~

  10. Oh what a fun workout. I think I would hurt something though. lol

    As far as late night snacking....the only thing that helps me is to go to bed earlier before I ge the munchies! Yeah not much help there....sorry.

  11. Mandy that Bollywood video looks like so much fun! I bellydanced in college and still enjoy shimmying my thing. Good luck with the late night snackins... air pop popcorn with braggs amino acid, jicama with guacamole, rice cake with light smear of peanut butter and drizzle of maple or agave.

  12. I'd rather be in Bollywood with you! LMAO. The "Elk" made me laugh! SO you are doing great and taking it one day at a time! I love that you are adding new DVD's etc. to keep you motivated and interested! #WOOTOTHEHOO! I'm so excited for your progress and know you will find a way to tackle the night time I know what you are doing while we're skyping, HA! I heart you very much! Can't wait to hug you at #fitbloggin! xo

  13. WTG with eating out less! That's a really hard habit to break! Everyone else has some great ideas for late-night snacking. My only different contribution would be a rice cake with a light spread of peanut butter. Keep it up! You're awesome!

  14. i tend to be better during the week, and not so much on the weekends.
    do you have the 100 calorie snack packs? at least you get some sweet, but not too damaging.
    i love Weight Watchers ice cream bars ( only 2pts )
    thank you soo much for the very sweet comment on my post. xoxoxo
    soo glad i got involved with mamavation

  15. Whoa! Bollywood seems really fun! Is there a lot of dancing in it? I have the Belly Dancing dvd and I get bored coz it's so instructional & lot's of talking, I don't feel working out. I want intensity, baby! Let me know coz I think I would like to get one, and dance Bollywood with you! Virtually, of course :-)

    What happens if you don't eat snack while you're catching up with your shows? If you must really munch on something, try ice cubes or crushed ice. I know it sounds stupid but I sometimes do that when I'm really craving for something salty and crunchy, and it works for me. Hopefully, it helps you as well. --- @ImAHotMom