Monday, January 4, 2010

I'd rather be making PROGRESS.

It's time to get dirty people.  Can I get a HOO-RAH!?!

I am a "plan it out" kind of girl.  I get it from my mom, so it comes naturally.  I work best when I have a list to refer to.  I have tried denying this part of me, but with no success.  I need to put pen to paper, write it out, then be able to check it off.

I suck at resolutions.  I think most people do.  I also suck at choosing just one.  There are oh-so-many ways I could be better.  How am I supposed to remember (and stick to) every resolution I should make?  My previous answer to that problem was to simply not make any.

Um, yeah, that didn't get me too far.

So here is my solution.  It is a multi-pronged attack.  Get your battle gear on people, and think of me speaking in a gruff voice, much like a seasoned, bitter, mean, old Marine - cause we're going in!

Here are a few of the resources I used:

  • I started by reading this post Michele created about intentions.  (Also check the rest of the series, it's all good stuff.)
  • I started writing everything out on paper, until I came across this downloadable goal list by Buttoned Up, which makes it look much cuter to look at.
  • Then, I found MindBloom, which not only organizes your personalized goals, but gives you ways to track them too.  (I am taking advantage of the free trial, currently.)

Now, solider, are you ready to get into a hail storm?  Here we go...

  • First, is my motto:  Make Progress.  I will use this to keep me on track at all times, and as inspiration.  
  • Next, my branches, or categories of growth:  Health, Home, Blog, Creativity, Life/Relationships.  I'll focus on telling you about my Health goals.
  • Next, I listed 2 or three specific goals I plan to achieve in each catagory - keeping in mind, that these had to be goals that help me... Make Progress.  So, nothing could be out of reach, but I couldn't pick things I am doing already.  For example, Under Health, I included tracking my points 6 times a week and Working out 4 times a week.  These are more than I do on a regular basis (if left to my own devices) but not so much that I feel I will stop trying.  
  • Notice, I am NOT saying I want to lose 50 pounds by X date.  That doesn't work for me.  It will simply stress me out or be ignored.  It is a goal that is way to far away for my short-sited eyes to see.  If that is your thing, then right on - get 'er done. (That isn't military, is it?  Just red-neck?  Anyway...)
  • The next step I am going to take, is to make it visual. I will make a nice print out (with a kickin' font) to hang "Make Progress" on my refrigerator, on my bathroom mirror, and on my laptop desktop.
The goal here, Marine, is to .... Make Progress.  (See, I beat it into you, just like a real training camp.)  I will remind myself daily, hourly, and will hold that thought in the back of my mind with everything I do.  "Is this something that will help me Make Progress?"  If yes, then (HOO-RAH) I'm doing well, if no, then I will redirect to acquire the target.  (Are you so sick of my military references yet? I'm well aware I'm probably annoying and doing it wrong, to boot.  Get it?  Boot?  bwahahahaha.  Um, anyways...)

Okay, I'm off to get into the thick of it.  If you get a MindBloom account or trial, let me know, as I would love to add you to my "forest" so you can help keep me accountable.  The more people who know my goals, the more likely I will actually do them.  And us Marine's stick together.

By the way, someone, for the love of Pete, tell me why I set out to make a simple post and always end up with paragraphs upon paragraphs of me blah blah blah-ing.  If you've made it this far, then pat yourself on the back from me.  I owe you a drink.


  1. HOO-RAH!! My posts always look shorter before I publish them! Good luck with your goals!

  2. OOHRAH!... Love it! Miss the days hubby was in the Corps... for some reason, i'm hearing a cadence in my head now... Go on! You can do it!

  3. You go girl, with your bad self!!:) I like how you did your post. My husband would appreciate it. I wish you the best in your journey and look forward to more posts :)

  4. Every step forward is progress. Well, I guess a step backward is progress too, but in the wrong direction.

    Here's to Making Progress together!

  5. I think you are well on your way to Making LOTS of Progress! Keep it up, Lisa

  6. Thanks for the Mindbloom link. I made a ridiculous number of resolutions this year. All doable, but the magnitude of them is overwhelming.

  7. Ha! Mine ended up being waaaay longer than I intended, too, but I'm sticking with you! You have a great plan lined out.

  8. Love you motto: Make Progress! You have definitely set yourself up for success.

  9. U GOT THIS MANDY!! We will do it together!

    and girl, I ramble on a good day!! Talk it out!! long or short - whatever it takes!

    much love!


  10. hoo rah i think you are well on your way and you have us all her to support you. keep up the great work.

  11. Great goals plan! You've got it all lined out and really seem to know what you're getting into! My motto? Be Prepared. I's like I'm channeling a Boy Scout or something, but seriously a huge deal for me. You've got some excellent plans and the right mindset to achieve them! Good luck!

  12. I love it! "Make Progress" is perfect. Baby steps. :D

  13. Mandy, I absolutely love your attitude. Set goals that are within reach. Ultimate goals are great, interim goals are awesome. Make sure you reward yourself too!!

  14. i'ma make a mind bloom too! for the love of Pete? yes, ok. I'll take you up on the drink - how about next week?