Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'd rather be mingling 2/1

Hello to any new visitors of my little neck of the blogoshpere!  I'm doing my very first Monday Mingle today - woot!  I had actually planned to do it several times before, but chickened out.  I guess I'm not too comfortable with seeing myself on camera.  It shows in my video too, in funny ways.  For example - why do I keep looking outside, as if my backyard had changed in the last 5 seconds?  And why do I hold my mouth to one side for almost the whole video?  Weird, I say.  Weird. is my vid:

If you want to join in, click the button above, and that will take you to Eighty MPH Mom's blog where the info can be found.  I'm excited to check out the other participants and meet some more fun ladies!  


  1. YAY!! A Newbie!!

    Welcome welcome! So glad that you are joining us and it's nice to meet you!

    I love Linda Hamilton and she was so ripped in the second movie.. totally want that body..

    So do you sing Phsycho Kitty to your cat? LOL

    Hope to see you next week!

  2. WELCOME! WELCOME! So glad you joined! Monday mingles are so much fun! you did a GOOD job on your mingle.
    i like dogs as well.
    although don't tell my!
    Hope to see you next week as well!

  3. YAY I am so glad you mingled woman! How fun...I could totally see you as Linda Hamilton's character...KICK BUTT! Mandy you totally rocked this you are a natural woman! xoxo

  4. Welcome new mingler! I LOVE new minglers it's so much fun to meet new bloggers :D

    Linda Hamilton's character is an awesome pick! Strong women rock my socks!

    I'm not a bug fan and I don't do heights either!

    I have a neurotic dog! They'd be a great pair lol You have your hands full with a puppy! I told Buzz we'd never do a puppy again after our puppy, although we sent him to bootcamp for a month and he came back as a whole new dog it's a GREAT idea if you have the funds to do it!

    Great to meet you!

  5. Hello - it is SO nice to meet you and I'm glad you joined Monday Mingle. See - it is easy!

    Linda Hamilton would be cool - good choice.

    I have never, ever had a dog...I know puppies are a lot of work and someday I will have one. I'll just hide my shoes LOL. I am a big softie too - there is no way I could go to a pet store or shelter and not come home with a new "friend".

    Have a wonderful week and I hope we'll see you again!

  6. Welcome to Monday Mingles!!! Welcome, and you did great!! I think you did better on yours than I did with mine!! You sound way fun, and hope to get to know you better in the coming weeks.

    Have a great week.

  7. Sooooo great to meet you and have you Mingling!!!

    Wow... no phobias... forget literary characters, I want to be you. LOL
    (But, reasonable to be afraid of cancer, who isn't?)

    Yikes... puppy chewing and peeing... Janice just got a puppy too and he eats everything!!!

    Talk soon

    ps. My mingle is at

  8. You did a great job! I did my first last week and it was fun. I am glad you decided to join in. :) I do funny things too. It is hard to look into the webcam the whole time I think.

    Your dog eats boots and EA Active??? so, so sad.

  9. yay, another newbie (this week was my second mingle). i'm so glad you decided to mingle, it is nerve wracking, i know what you mean! i sit back and watch and totally tear myself to pieces, i'm hoping to improve my public speaking skills by the end of all this..

    awesome! no phobias?! i've been coming across a lot of spider phobias, lol, it's nice to see someone braving it up, killing spiders out there ;)

    check out my awkward second mingle if you'd like a good laugh. my lips are all over the place!

  10. So glad you joined in! Nice to "meet" you!

    Oh what a fun character you picked.

    LOL oh your dog sounds like an adorable pain ;) You did a great job with your mingle! Total natural. Have a great week!

  11. You know what, I am right there with you on the whole camera deal!

    Linda Hamilton soooo rocks!!

    Great to Mingle with you! (A different approach from always tweeting, eh?) :o) Yours was ALOT!!! better than mine!! Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.

  12. Hello Mandy

    I'm just getting around to visiting the mingles.

    Welcome to mingling and nice to meet you!

    Oh yea I remember The Terminator. She is a strong mama. I love the portrayal.

    I wouldn't want a pet that does those things, I'd go nuts because I like neat.
    Your pets sound fun though :)

    I'm waiting on our kids to decide on the pet thing and it will be fun to see what they choose :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    See you soon

  13. Welcome to the Mingle. Sorry I'm so late getting around. Great to meet you!!