Monday, January 11, 2010

I'd rather be looking forward

Well, I'm going to go ahead and get this out of the way now.  If you notice, I did not include my weight in my last two posts.  Why?  Because it is so sad to me - I gained 7 pounds in December.  What?  Did I write that correctly?  Yep.  Seven freaking pounds.

I did the math for you - that put me back to 196.  Is that even possible?  Seven pounds?  I was hoping that is was water weight, or just extra fluff that would fall off easily.  Maybe my body's version of hibernation that I could shed just with sheer mental will.  Not the case.


I did not look at the scale too closely before this week, because I knew it would not show me anything good.  Instead of looking down (at my toes, and then making myself feel down,) I decided to look forward.  Hence the "make progress" post.

That is what I've been doing.

For Nutrition:
I have been tracking my weight watchers points.  I fended off two trips to my local diner that I love so much.  My family has discovered the joys of Subway.  I have been trying some new recipes - and even came up with a super simple (and fast) stuffed pepper recipe.

For Fitness:
I have been moving my butt.  I did EA Active, yoga, a balance ball cardio workout, and even a cardio bollywood workout.  That was a sight!  I have blessed my dog with a few walks around the neighborhood in the freezing cold.

For mental health:
I have forgiven my last month.  I am MAKING PROGRESS!  Thank goodness I have so many supportive people around - because I need you all.  It is taking a bit of time to remind myself that I need to be focused on doing things that move me forward, not on hardships or disappointments.  My husband gave me a good pep talk about it yesterday.  I was telling him how upset I was that the scale wasn't moving down quickly this week, and he gave me a big reminder that I was working hard and to be patient!

Right now, I am down about a pound for the week.  I am moving in the right direction.  If I keep doing that, the scale will have no other option than to come with me.

PS - I super duper heart guys.  It has been a great reminder to focus.


  1. I gained 5 pounds in December. . .yuck. So I feel like I am starting over with my weight loss. Thank goodness for all of your wonderful Mamavation Sistas to get me motivated!

  2. My dear you are wonderful and you may have had a slight setback I know you are more determined than ever to reach your goals! I heart you very much and so happy to have found such a friend and inspiration in you!! XoXO

  3. I agree, you are moving in the right direction. You definitely know where you struggle and your positive attitude is awesome! Keep it up!

  4. Love that you said you have forgiven yourself. Acknowledge mistakes then move forward. Way to go.

  5. Go to your local department store or drug store. Go to the sewing section. Buy a cloth measuring tape. Promise to use it. Going by scales alone = frustrating. You are making progress!! Find more than one way to measure it. :) *HUGS* We are here for you.

  6. Props for going out in the cold to walk the dog! Don't worry... it happens! You're still doing great, love! Keep up the momentum!

  7. Mandy I am so glad you are not "beating yourself up" over the weight loss and are instead looking forward! You are holding yourself accountable and no one can be mad at you for that. Keep moving your butt and working on those eating habits. You are back in the zone now!!

  8. You are making progress! Keep going.
    So where is that stuffed pepper recipe? I love stuffed peppers!

  9. I am working on the post for the stuffed peppers! I'll post it after I get a pic! :D

  10. You could have gained muscle weight from all the working out that you're doing. Hang in there, it'll get better. You're on the right track. --- @ImAHotMom

  11. I heart you Mandy. I'm so happy you have confessed it out in the open and are moving on. I'm so happy to support you today and from now on. Congrats on the weight loss this week. The scale is going to follow you. Trust me, this is NOTHING! Just get up. You can do it! :) XXOO

  12. Congrats on the lb! Forget's a mean month anyway. You will take those lbs off again. You will do great!!!